Cannabis edibles are now officially available in Calgary

Via @Helloimnik / Unplash

We’ve evolved, Calgary! Legal cannabis edibles will now be available for purchase in all Calgary retail outlets within the next week.

Some dispensaries, including Queen of Bud, Four20 Premium Market in Kensignton, and Aylmer Nelson Cannabis actually received their first shipments of gummies and chocolates on Monday. We can imagine some people taking advantage since nobody is leaving their homes this week.

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Unfortunately, cannabis edibles have been hyped all the way up and are expected to sell out within days of hitting shelves. Sorry, guys.

“Edibles have been my No. 1 phone question since before Christmas. They’ve just been waiting for them to come out,” Manager at Queen of Bud Mylann Doell told the Calgary Herald.

Legal edibles in Calgary, mad rush, minus 30. To brave the cold, or wait until they restock? That is the question!

Unless you’re high right now, then the question is probably just “where are the Doritos.”

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