Bieber’s new clothing line sparks ‘hot or not’ debate

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drew house clothing

Hypothetically if Justin Bieber designed cheap hotel slippers, would you buy them?

If you answered yes, your day has come. Canada’s own one of a kind pop superstar just released his own clothing line, and you’ll never guess what the first product was.

drew house clothing

Drew House (Drew being a nod to Bieb’s middle name) was unceremoniously launched this week with way less fanfare than we’ve seen from celebrity clothing launches in the past. Then again, if it’s got JBiebs on it, it’ll sell itself.

His debut line of beige pieces received rave reviews on Instagram like “WTF? Are you making school uniforms for an ICE detention center?” and “I never knew burlap sacks were in style!” Seems like we’re off to a good start.

drew house slippers

Justin teased the sensational $5 hotel slippers on Instagram earlier this week. They’re being marketed as “cheap a**” footwear and we appreciate the honesty!

The Insta pic featuring the slippers so eloquently described them as “cheap ol’ regular drew house slippers.” Cool.

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drew house sweaters

That lil smiley is the brand’s logo, and it shows up on his collection of comfy, uncomplicated loungewear. We’re using “loungewear” literally. The clothes are something you could roll to 7 Eleven in with accessories like acne cream and a messy bun.

Love it or hate it (much like Justin himself), the entire collection is sold out, so your best bet might be online resellers if you’re that desperate for some threads from the Biebs. Creep the website and see the line yourself!

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