Canadian family who builds celebrity playhouses to open enchanted resort in Alberta

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From made-for-celebrity luxury playhouses to Alberta’s backyard. Lethbridge-based Charmed Playhouses has reinvented the tree fort with their extravagant take on outdoor fun. Until now, these guys have mostly just been a major hit with kids (of parents who are totally loaded) but now, it’s our turn to play! After a slight shift in focus, now the adults can also get in on the fun! Experience the magic and whimsy of fairies, castles, and toadstools with a visit to Charmed Resorts.

This one of a kind vacation destination is still a work in progress but company founder, Tyson Leavitt, took to Facebook and Instagram this week to give followers a sneak preview. And man, oh man, does this place look incredible.


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Sitting only 15 minutes from Waterton, just along Payne Lake, families, parents, and friends can escape the everyday hustle and bustle of city life, to what is being transformed into an enchanting forest. And we mean enchanting.

As of right now, all that stands is a single incredibly well-crafted cottage (which sleeps 6) and a woodfire hot tub. The small site is fully landscaped and decorated with colourful lights and flowers, but its what is still to come, that has us all wound up.

In the next few years, the resort will have several more themed shelters, a wedding pavilion, a pool, and maybe even regular maintenance staff, depending on its initial popularity.

To say that they have our attention with Charmed Resorts is an understatement. We will be watching their progress with both eyes wide open, because although years have passed and we’re like, 4 feet taller… we still love us some theatricality and dream of staying the night in a palace one day.

Our crowns are at the ready, Charmed – just name the time and place, take our money and slip us a key. We’re waiting!


When: TBD
Where: Payne Lake, Alberta – TBD