Canadian couple gets nod as the world’s best wedding photographers


Why write about the world’s best wedding photographers? Well, these days everyone has a camera, whether it’s in their fancy smartphone or if they bought a cheap point and shoot from Value Village. Taking pictures is fun, especially in a day and age where we have the likes of social media that can give us all the creative validation we need. That being said, it’s not easy to become well known for your photos! You still have to have that special somethin’.

One couple from Vancouver is feeling the gratification of all that hard work this year. Jeff and Cat Chang (The Apartment Photography) captured an otherworldly shot at a wedding in Whistler, B.C. this past July. The photo involves some rain, two newlyweds and a telephoto lens. Said photo nabbed the team the grand prize at International Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards.

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The photo beat out a slew of others from around the world, and the full gallery shows exactly how prestigious the award is. From America to Estonia, it’s clear that wedding photography is not simply a case of ‘capturing the happy couple’. Instead, these photographers continue to push boundaries both technologically and conceptually.

Hopefully, this photo can bring some inspiration and hope to all you aspiring photographers, or maybe it’ll just make your day! Whatever the case may be, we know this photo will be one that stands the test of time. If you’d like to see more work from the world’s best wedding photographers, head over to their website.

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