Canada’s biggest cannabis store opened in West Ed Mall today

Via Aurora Cannabis

It makes sense that North America’s largest mall would get Canada’s biggest cannabis store. At least, we think it’s a good place for it to be. We’d rather have an Aurora Flagship Store in West Edmonton Mall than some of the places going after the crown. Like, ‘Big Ed’s Cannabis and Reptile Emporium’ sitting outside the Buffalo border. Just kidding, Big Ed’s is great.

Aurora, the company behind the store, is Alberta-based and one of the largest cannabis producers in Canada. In fact, they started in Edmonton, and it’s only fair that Edmonton will get their first store. Here are some details on what you can expect, along with an inside look courtesy of the Edmonton Journal.

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The 11,000 square foot store will be divided into two sections. On the one side, you can find non-pot related sales, education, and events. You can think of it as an introduction for tourists and the inexperienced to Canada’s pot industry.

On the other side, hoo boy, they’re going to be selling pot. Isn’t life crazy? Can you imagine saying 10 years ago “Hey, wanna come to the mall with me? I need new socks and some weed”. We’re hoping that they use this side as a way to sell whatever high-tech stuff they’re cooking up at their facilities. Like a whisky tasting bar, but for cannabis.

So, the next time you find yourself at West Edmonton Mall, make sure you swing by Aurora for a look!

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