Canada Sits Pretty On Global List Of Billionaires In 2019

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Canada Sits Pretty On Global List Of Billionaires In 2019

Curious about the state of Canada’s uber-rich? Sure you are, and thanks to the Hurun Report Rich List we get to learn all about what went down in 2019. Well, kinda bad news. Of the 346 new billionaires on the planet, absolutely none of them are from Canada! Cheers!

What the heck, Canada? We’re supposed to be absolutely thriving right now, and two cities (at least) are experiencing huge real estate booms. You would expect that somebody on the cusp in 2018 would have bossed up during one of the best (if most tumultuous) years for global wealth creation in recent memory.

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2018 was marked by a certain recklessness and joie de vivre that we loved. Billionaires hit weed on podcasts! In 2019, they just donated money and tried to buy political campaigns. Not nearly as chill of a way to show off your wealth. Please don’t stop with the philanthropy, though. That’s kind of necessary these days.

One last fun fact- 2019 was also the year that four people passed the $100bn mark. Bernard Arnault (LVMH), Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are all chilling in the 12 figure club. We wonder what they do when they get together for dinner. Probably low key buy the entire restaurant group.

Meanwhile, Canada sat pretty at 41 total billionaires. David Thomson (Thomson Reuters) and his family are by far the richest, with a whopping $38bn sitting in the bank. You could probably buy a province with that much cash. We’d sign off.

If you want to check out the full report, click here. Then, find out which billionaire you are here. We got Richard Branson.

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