Canada Goose reveals newest Inuit-designed ‘Atigi’ collection

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There are few companies that have seen as much growth and as much backlash over the past few years as Canada Goose. Everybody knows someone who owns a jacket, and everybody remembers either a friend’s Facebook post ‘calling them out’ or a legitimate in-store protest against the brand.

It must be tough, being a brand that started in 1957 specifically for extreme cold weather scenarios, to adapt to an explosion in popularity. It’s one of the fastest-growing brands in Canada (alongside Aritzia) and has done collaborations with OVO, Concepts, and many more.

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Dubbed “Project Atigi” (Inuktitut for parka), the collection features 90 jackets handmade by 18 members of the Inuit communities of Northern Canada. Hailing from all over Canada’s north, these seamstresses represent a heritage that is based on the cold, formidable Arctic environment, and their craft (or art) is as beautiful as it is functional.

It’s also a nice compliment to Canada Goose’s Resource Centres Program, which has been quietly flying materials to Inuit communities for 10 years. Since starting in 2009, the program has donated more than 1 million metres of fabric. Did you know about this? We sure didn’t.

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All proceeds from the museum-quality collection will be going towards the Inuit Tapariit Kanatami, which is the ‘National Representational Organization Protecting and Advancing the Rights and Interests of Inuit in Canada’. No word yet on pricing, but we would bet that they would be in the $5K-$10K CAD range, which is a pretty fair price given how they’re produced.

If you really feel like balling this winter, or are looking for something cool to donate to your local museum (wink wink nudge nudge art collectors), then you can shop the collection on their website come January 23.

Stay warm this winter, Calgary!

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