Can singles have sex during COVID? Canadian officials give us the “talk”

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A tale as old as time. Every July, in the season’s heat, love will fill the air and saucy messages will fill your Instagram DMs. Across Canada, as restrictions ease so will inhibitions. Inevitably, singletons from coast to coast will begin again, either looking for the one… or just a good consensual one-off. However, in the age of a pandemic, how does one… ehem, safely scratch an itch? Well, after months of wondering, someone has finally asked a national official. Is it safe for Canadian singles to have sex during COVID?

In a press conference held in Ottawa this Friday, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, gave us legitimate, credible answers to some hot ticket questions.

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First off, do not date if you’re sick. We repeat. DO NOT DATE IF YOU ARE SICK. Sorry guys, but until you’re positive that you don’t have COVID, you should hold off.

Dr. Tam recommended that you take things slow – and maybe try having virtual encounters first. “This [dating] is a serious social contract you have with someone,” she said about ‘relations’ during COVID.

Next, meet each other in public places, preferably outdoors to really get to know each other on a medical level before really popping your protective social bubble. Ask the important first date questions like, “what do you do for work,” “do you want kids,” and “have you been tested for COVID by an accredited professional.”

Also, playing the field right now is strongly discouraged- even more so than it already was by traditionalists. We’re all for experimental behaviour, sexual flexibility and living and dating authentically … just not in quarantimes.

Even kissing should be taken seriously until this all blows over, guys. Basically, this virus has taken most of us back by several decades – but it’s important to remember that it won’t last forever.

In short, yes.. it is safe to have sex during COVID… AFTER you’ve taken the necessary measures. This summer, please be safe, be smart and be open to alternatives. For the good of the people when you meet someone new, get freaky on the internet first, Canada.

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