Calgary’s first indoor skydiving facility is opening this July

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Want to feel the rush of jumping out of a plane? But without the literal jumping out of a plane part? You’re in the right place. Actually, you’re close to the right place because iFly Indoor Skydiving is opening soon at Deerfoot City. Get all the wind in your face with zero of the fear of accidental death or dismemberment!

Let’s take a peek, shall we?

ifly indoor skydiving

First off, iFly is decked out with a massive wind tunnel. This is where your adventure begins. In fact, kiddos as young as 3 can get in on the fun! Definitely add it to the list of potential family outings if y’all are particularly adventurous.

You can get in on some basic flying, where the instructor will teach you how to balance and move. Then, if you’re feeling physically adept, you can work on some tricks. We’re talkin’ flips and twizzly moves here.

doing the thing

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ifly indoor skydiving

This is an activity that (pretty much) everyone can take part in. Pregnant people, drunk people or injured people probably shouldn’t partake… But for those with disabilities, flying gives the feeling of being active again. Pretty cool, right?

Feeling like you’ve mastered the basics? Then we’ll remind you that indoor skydiving is a legit sport, called bodyflight. There are small children who are winning world championships… And making us feel vastly unsuccessful considering our age. It’s cool. We’re happy for them.

ifly indoor skydiving

Additionally, iFly hosts corporate team building and birthday parties. You’re tripping if you think we aren’t going to host our next bday here. You’re invited!

Speaking of birthdays, you can give the gift of flight with certificates and vouchers! Wink wink, nudge nudge. We’d love to have a little date night with you. We hear adrenaline increases attraction…

ifly indoor skydiving

Ready to put yourself in a skintight suit and fly? It’s what we’ve always dreamt of. See you in the wind tunnel! We’ll be the ones perfecting those twizzly moves.

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Where: 901 64 Ave NE
When: Bookings start July 12
Cost: Starts at $59.95

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