Calgary weather shows high temperatures and risk of another storm this week

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Calgary is in for some hot weather this week! After getting slammed by another storm over the weekend, Cowtown appears to be in for more rising temperatures AND risks of yet another thunderstorm. Okay, we typically love thunderstorms, but flooding and more property damage is the last thing we need right now.

Let’s break it down for ya. The week is starting off with some seriously high temperatures. Tuesday will get up to 29°C and will bring a lot of sun. After that, though, things kind of go all over the place.

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calgary weather this week

Wednesday is our biggest risk for another storm, with temperatures staying in the low 20s. Thursday picks back up again and then Friday will be just as hot (or hotter) than Tuesday.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we get a little more sun than we do rain. After all, the city is already looking healthy and green, can’t we just dial back the wet weather a tad?

Have a great week, Calgary!

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