Calgary wants to know your thoughts on e-scooters with this online survey

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It might feel like it’s been forever already, but Calgary actually only introduced the E-scooter just two years ago. In that time we’ve seen people fall in love with the zippy two-wheelers, and we’ve seen a ton of crazy injuries, debates, and ignorance. Some believe that ride-sharing has completely changed the fabric of our inner city, while some honestly think they’re the worst things to have happened since the wasp got its wings.

But where are the numbers? And what can the city do to improve the service? Is it even worth making changes? The city wants to know!

By taking YYC’s most recently launched online survey, you’ll be helping the city decide how, where, when, and if they’ll be releasing these bad boys next spring.

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It honestly only takes a few minutes and includes to-the-point questions like ‘how often do you use the e-scooters’ and ‘how often do you find yourself having to walk around poorly parked machines.’ Ya’ know… the easy stuff!

The power is all yours, Calgary! To keep em’, or not to keep em’? That is the question! If you’d like to pop on and lend your voice to the future of Lime, Bird, or Roll, check out their website here!

Scoot season is expected to wrap late October, so if you’re all about these guys – don’t forget to take a whip before it’s over – and don’t forget to exercise your right to vote! Even if it is for something that weighs less than 100 pounds. 


Where: Online here