Calgary Police partner with Bike Index app to recover stolen bikes

Photo via Shutterstock

On Friday, the Calgary Police Service announced that it has partnered with an app called Bike Index to help aid in the recovery of stolen bikes. The move comes after a successful pilot program that saw roughly $12,000 of bikes returned to owners in May 2020 alone.

The app is just about as straightforward as you would expect. Basically owners sign up and register the bike. And this app goes beyond just the serial number. Users can add make, model, year, distinguishing features…

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Heck, they can even upload photos to the app. Then, upon recovery of a stolen bike, the police can just search through the database and see if one pops up. After that, they’ll be able to contact the owner via cell phone or email.

It’s not a bad idea at all! To learn move about the new partnership and the Bike Index app, just click here.

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