Calgary named one of the best cities in the world to be a freelancer

by Jj Mendez on UnsplashVia Appjobs

Are you a creative independent, tired of working for “the man?” Well, we’re not saying you should quit your corporate job, we’re just saying maybe you could. According to a new study, Calgary is one of the best cities in the entire world to be a freelancer.

In the survey completed by AppJobs, Paris, London and Madrid came in as the top 3 worldwide, With Calgary taking the 13th spot, right behind Birmingham, England, and Lyon, France.

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the best cities to be a freelancer in Calgary

The company looked at the best cities to live in around the globe, then analyzed employment statistics like the number of available freelance jobs and how many cafes there were with free wifi. Interesting.

The study also looked at the average self-employed salary and percentage of the city population currently freelancing. Then they tossed in the average cost of living…. and finally created a score out of 100.

The list consisted mostly of European cities, but 5 Canadian spots made the cut. Montreal came in 9th with a score of 44.7, Calgary was 13th and scored 40.7, Toronto was 16th with 38.3, Ottawa came in at 17th with their score of 36.7 and Vancouver took 26th with 32.6 points.

Calgary seems to just keep raking in titles! We’re excited to see what next year will bring, it can only go up from here…knock on wood. You can take a look at the complete list of 50 best cities to be a freelancer here!

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