Calgary crowned the top cannabis city in Canada

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In the words of icon Ricky Bobby, if ya ain’t first you’re last. And Calgary, guess what. We’re first… in the country for cannabis retail, that is.

With 24 licensed weed shops— more than 2x as many as the 2nd highest place in Canada (Edmonton)— we’re officially the highest place in the Great White North.

Even though the province stopped licensing places in November, we’re still leading the charge on kush. However, the future of weed sales is looking hazy (literally and figuratively), since a shortage of cannabis supply has left lots of stores without any product.

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So what’re we gonna do about it? Well, not much. Nenshi’s confident that “the market will sort itself”, so essentially the city’s just gonna issue permit extensions till the green stuff comes through.

We also have another issue to worry about though. Calgary’s facing a $6.6-million budgetary gap right now, since the province hasn’t been able to help us with costs related to cannabis administration, regulation, and enforcement.

Even though we were promised $3.8 million, we’re on track to have cannabis-related debt of over $10 million by the end of the year. Yikes.

Looks like our soft spot for Mary Jane might be coming back to bite us a little bit. But hey… at least 4/20’s coming up. Right?

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