Calgary is actually going to see a warmer winter than predicted

Via Riccardo Bresciani / pexels

Hey, Calgary! We come bearing good news and bad news. Bad news? You probably won’t get to use the cold weather as an excuse to stay home from work this winter. The good news is, you won’t need to use the cold weather as an excuse this winter because we have already had the worst of it! According to Environment Canada, the entire country is actually in for a warmer winter, despite Calgary seeing three times more snow than usual and extremely chilly temperatures, all well before the end of November.

“You’ve had three times the amount of snow you normally would get in the fall. That’s September, October, November. I mean the most snow you’ve had in 95 falls.” Senior climatologist, David Phillips told the Calgary Eyeopener. “Temperatures were more than half a degree cooler than normal. So I think you’ve already tasted winter.”

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“We think that the flavor, the personality, will be like you see this week — wall-to-wall sunshine. Temperatures that are going to be above normal,” Phillips said. “I don’t think that what you’ve seen this fall with colder and snowy conditions will be the pattern that you see this winter.”

So, Calgary will remain as is for the most part. We can still expect a dump of snow here and there, but it won’t be nearly as cold as predicted. This definitely doesn’t mean you should go get a spray tan in preparation for tanktop weather. Your shorts should probably stay in the closet until spring. Sorry guys, but a warmer winter than expected is as good as the news this time around gets.

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