Calgary company builds sterilization unit that kills COVID in only 45-seconds

Via @tasertech / TwitterVia Unplash Ashkan Forouzani

We’ve got some good news on the COVID front today! A Calgary company has made the unusable, REusable! Introducing the brand new Teser Sterilization Unit! Like many business owners around the world, Phil Alle, president of Reggin Industries, worried about the future of his corporation, the well being of his employees, and all medical staff on the front lines of the pandemic.

Personal protective equipment has been a difficult resource to come by, despite its crucial availability. Unfortunately, after supplies like medical masks are used once, they likely cannot be used again in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

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According to CTV News, this is why Alle, in partnership with Brett Kosta, Kam Hammond, and John Fox, have formed a new company called Teser. These guys have used the last few months to build a small but mighty sterilization unit that is said to kill the coronavirus in only 45-seconds. Not bad at all.

Using UVC technology, the Teser Sterilization Unit can destroy harmful pathogens like the trouble-making SARS-Cov2. By decontaminating these expensive and scarce PPE products like N95 masks, they can actually be recycled.

This could dramatically decrease shortages and costs in hospitals here in Calgary, and maybe even the world.

The next step is to have Health Canada review the testing data who will then decide if they can issue an interim permit. If all goes to plan, these bad boys could actually be on the market as soon as the end of July. Wow.

Bill Nye really said it best guys, “Science Rules.” This is amazing.