Calgary city council to discuss changing residential speed limits this week

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Well, folks, this is going to be an eye-opening week! After quite the debate, city council could finally decide whether or not they’ll actually change the residential speed limit within Calgary, determining how much earlier we’ll all have to leave for work in the morning.

According to councillors,  the rule would actually only apply to neighbourhood roads that are without a middle line. Also, if they decide in favour of the change, the speed limit would only be reduced to 40 km/h – for now. 

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Eventually, some officials said they would like to see the limit changed once more to only 30 km/h, all in hopes of reducing residential accidents.

“Over 9,000 collisions happen on Calgary’s neighbourhood streets every year, resulting in 550 serious injuries or deaths and hundreds of millions in societal costs,” Ward 7’s Druh Farrell told CTV. “Reducing speeds will reduce the number of collisions, save society money, and, critically, save lives.”

Of course like with any decision made by the councils, not everyone is on board with the plan to change the speed limit in areas of Calgary, so it’ll be interesting to see how everyone votes.