Calgary broke an 81-year-old weather record yesterday

Via @mattxdaniels / Instagram

It’s feeling hot, hot, hot – and thank goodness because (due to COVID) we’ve spent the entirety of 2020 wandering aimlessly outside. This week, the city broke yet another record with unseasonably warm weather, and it’s only just begun!

Yesterday, Thursday, December 3rd, YYC crushed an 81-year-old daily high of 12.8 °C by 3.2 °C. Wowza. 

Now, that may not sound like a lot, but just to put that into perspective, according to Environment Canada, the average high for the 3rd is typically -0.3 °C, and the average low is somewhere around -12.

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As if this wasn’t historic enough, Calgary Weather Records posted on Twitter that it was also the 10th hottest day in December ever – the warmest being a high of 19.5 which we saw on December 27th in 1999.

Man, it’s been a crazy year, Calgary. Pandemics, record-breaking weather, UFO’s, TikTok fame, we’ve really seen it all. Here’s hoping we’ll at least get a white Christmas – it just doesn’t feel the same without a blanket of snow.