Calgary bans personal care services & team sports to prevent COVID spread

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Calgary bans personal care services & team sports to prevent covid spread

Get your “nails done, hair did, everything did’ when all of this is over. Right now, stay the heck in! The City of Calgary has officially banned all team sports and have closed all ‘luxury’ personal care businesses in hopes of flattening the COVID-curve.

This includes all nail salons, hair salons, and all massage parlours, with an exception of essential physiotherapy and massage therapy clinics. Honestly, we were actually surprised to hear that people were still going to get their nails done.

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Despite forbidding all group activities in parks or on courts, using these areas to take a walk or go biking will be okay. Just make sure you’re adhering to social-distancing recommendations!

Temperatures are expected to hit double digits this week, but we need to remember the danger of spreading COVID through the city of Calgary… and having bangs. Please, Calgary. Don’t cut your own hair unless you know to while in quarantine. Just wait until you can go to a salon.

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