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Calgary announces plans for Chinook Blast, a massive 6-week winter festival

Via The City of Calgary / Downtown CalgaryVia City of Calgary / Block Heater Festival

When you’re not drifting in and out of a food coma next to a Christmas tree, it’s easy to forget that winter should be celebrated. This year, in order to warm the hearts of YYC locals and fun-seeking visitors- in even in the coldest of weather, the city of Calgary will introduce Chinook Blast, a 6-week festival full of food, entertainment, lights, and community spirit in collaboration with 55 local businesses.

“Chinook Blast will showcase the best of our city and country, allowing Calgarians to come together and explore the heart of our city, and also enticing tourists to Calgary to enjoy more than the Alberta Rockies during the winter months,” the city says on the Visit Calgary website.

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With the help of arts, non-profit, neighbourhood, tourism, and sports communities, Chinook Blast will kick off this January’s High-Performance Rodeo and then run until the Block Heater music festival, which is scheduled for late February.

Most events will mostly take place in the inner city, in hopes of stimulating attendance at restaurants, hotels, and attractions in the months where they aren’t seeing as many people as they do in warmer seasons.

“Chinook Blast is well-timed to stimulate the economy and revitalize our downtown, enhance the quality of life for Calgarians, and give us an opportunity to celebrate our city and country,” they said.

If all goes well, the city has said that they hope that Chinook Blast becomes a Calgary staple and a ‘Canadian signature, must-see event’, that eventually attracts people from around the country. Honestly, it sounds pretty cool (ha) to us, so we can’t imagine why it wouldn’t!

As for exact dates, or individual event details, nothing has been released just yet, but we’ve got months until we see any snow on the ground (knock on wood). We’ll definitely keep you all updated though because this could be major!


When: Mid January-Late February (TBD)
Where: Downtown Calgary