Bearspaw Golf Course to open for the remainder of the season

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Good news, golfers! Bearspaw Golf Course will NOT be closed for all of 2019. In fact, Bearspaw is getting things started up as soon as Friday, June 14th! Global News just released a report that Bearspaw will be open for business for the rest of the season. Happy to hear it!

We were pretty heartbroken back in May when we heard Bearspaw was no more. Apparently, the deadly, course-killing cocktail came from a series of mishaps. An over-budget, half-finished clubhouse sat empty and sad… And we cried for it. But fast forward to today and boom! It’s golfing season, baby! Bearspaw is back and it’s opening itself up to the public for the first time ever!

Bearspaw Country Club

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Windmill Golf Group, the owners of Bearspaw, are pretty excited to give the semi-private golf world a go. No, Bearspaw won’t be like a city course. Not just anyone can play. Instead, they want outside guests to play in conjunction with members. Sounds fair enough to us, we’re just excited to swing the sticks!

Tee times are popping up online in the next day or so. Unfortunately, the Bearspaw site is currently out of order, so there’s that. Maybe send ’em a quick call on the ol’ phone? Once you’re done that, we’ll catch ya on the golf course!

Bearspaw Golf Course and Country Club

Where: 61 Hamilton Drive

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