BC man gets fined $2K for feeding bear Tim Hortons

Photo via @_bccos Twitter

The question here is not whether a bear would enjoy being fed Tim Hortons Timbits, because that has a very straightforward answer. No, the question is whether we, as humans, need to be feeding them Tim Hortons, or if they (the bears) need to evolve to the point where they can create delicious fast food franchises.

Anyway, a BC man has been slapped with a $2000 fine over feeding a young grizzly bear on the Alaska Highway. The man also took first-person view photos of feeding the bear, which, we have to admit, looks downright nuts.

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He has also become the first person we’ve heard of who has got a restraining order against him for the protection of bears. That’s right, 50m at all times, and you better not let them catch you loitering around popular bear hangouts in the BC wilderness!

In all seriousness, don’t feed bears. We cannot think of anything more dumb than conditioning a wild animal to expect food by approaching cars on the side of the highway. And especially grizzly bears. Like this is new heights of just doing it for the ‘gram, and we’re not down.

Boy oh boy, aren’t humans just the best mix of crazy and clever? No? Alright, fair enough.

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