BC and Alberta advised to get the national COVID-19 contact-tracing app

Photo via PM Trudeau

During a Friday press conference, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recommended that all BC and Albertan residents get the federally-approved COVID-19 contact tracing app. Both provinces have yet to adopt the app, instead opting for their own contact tracing methods.

According to Trudeau, there are two reasons to download the app. First off, Trudeau is still hopeful that the provinces will adopt the app, allowing for faster and more widespread contact tracing across the board in each province. For reference, the Alberta app has traced roughly 1 in every 1,300 cases, while Canada sits slightly higher at 1 in 1,200. BC currently has no recommended app.

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The second part is a little more important right now. From the moment people download the app, it begins to track their interactions with other app uses, intentional or otherwise. For example, someone in Alberta might inadvertently be exposed to someone from another province who is carrying COVID-19. When they return to, let’s say, Saskatchewan and receive a positive test result, the Alberta resident will still be alerted.

For more information on the COVID Alert app, you can click right here. Stay safe out there, folks!