Amazon is hiring 1,600 employees in Alberta ahead of the holiday season

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Big news, friends. With sales through the roof and on the rise, Amazon Alberta has announced that they will be looking to hire 1,600 new employees for the holiday season!

Since mid-pandemic, more people than ever before have opted for a more ‘touchless’ shopping experience – which, honestly, is totally fair. With COVID on public surfaces, living on palms and clothing, it’s no surprise that people would prefer to shop online instead of heading towards the mall.

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We kind of hate to admit it, but Amazon, with its incredibly fast shipping through Prime, has been a major help for those who have chosen to isolate in order to stay safe.

So update those resumes! If you’re interested you can apply to Amazon Alberta here! But be warned, we can’t imagine it’ll be an easy job! It’s going to be an insane Christmas shopping season, we can feel it.

Good luck!