Alberta’s first round of free face masks deemed a ‘huge success’

Photo via @shandro Twitter

The first round of Alberta handing out free face masks at fast-food restaurants across the province has been deemed a ‘huge success’. Chances are high that you saw signs about free face masks over the past couple of weeks. Well, here’s what that was about.

The provincial government teamed up with McDonald’s, A&W, and Tim Hortons to help with distribution. The non-medical face masks came in a 4-pack, and you didn’t need to buy anything in order to receive them.

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Now, the remaining 6 million masks for this phase will be given directly to “municipalities, seniors organizations, Indigenous partners, places of worship and others” by the government. If you missed out, you can still contact 211 to request a package.

And besides that, the second phase of free face masks in Alberta is scheduled to go down in July. More details should come out about that soon, so we will keep you posted!