Alberta Government releases new guidance for outdoor activities

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In a Friday afternoon press conference, Dr. Deena Hinshaw unveiled new, province-wide guidance for outdoor activities. This new guidance is effective immediately, so let’s see what the deal is!

Sadly, any form of outdoor sport that cannot accommodate social distancing is still banned. However sports that can (tennis, running and badminton were used as examples) can now go back to organized games.

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And to help out, the provincial government just released a handy little checklist to make sure everything goes smoothly. The guidance includes everything from the number of people allowed at an event to athlete health checklists. Frankly, all the bases are being covered.

Which we’re grateful for. No matter how badly we wan’t to go crush some kids in beach volleyball, we’re going to wait until we get the go-around from the powers that be.

If you’d like to read the new organized sport guidance in full, click here! And to stay up to date on the rest of the province reopening, click here.

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