Alberta Government increases outdoor gathering limit to 200 people

Via Unsplash Aranxa Esteve

Well, Alberta! The government is taking another major leap forward in its effort to get us all back to normal. As of today, the outdoor gathering limit has been increased from 100 to 200 people!

July is a busy month usually firework and festival filled, but due to that nasty COVID-19 virus, we’ve seen cancellations up the wazoo. Now, after several months of collectively watching our plans fall through, the government has given us a little more hope for a familiar, enjoyable summer.

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Sporting events, grassy performances and even fireworks are one step closer to becoming a reality again. And despite feeling a little anxious about it, we’re thankful.

Of course, physical distancing measures will still be in effect. So, you’re still strongly encouraged to wash your hands, use sanitizer and wear a face mask in public, but we can be among crowds again… sorta.

As always, Alberta Health will continue to keep an eye on coronavirus cases and might make necessary adjustments to the outdoor gathering limit, but we’re taking the win.

This is another big day for us, folks! Stay safe, and enjoy it!

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