Alberta couple holds ‘isolation ceremony’ after having to cancel dream wedding

Via Clem OnojeghuoVia Scott and Jenny Slade / Submitted to CTV Edmonton

Almost every girl dreams of her wedding day. Unfortunately, due to the COVID outbreak, those who have grown-up and finally planned those extravagant ceremonies have since had to cancel or postpone their big day. We can’t imagine that anyone hopes to get married in quarantine during a pandemic, but that’s exactly what Edmonton couple Scott and Judy Slade just did. And honestly, it was adorable.

According to CTV Edmonton, the Slade’s actually had an entire wedding booked in Vegas, with 60 friends and family members planning to attend. Unfortunately, as the days flew by and the COVID-19 situation worsened, they had no choice but to call their travel plans off.

When they realized that a vacation wasn’t in the cards, they tried to make a celebration work in their hometown. With the help of a close friend and with just over a week until they were supposed to say “I do”, they began to piece something together.

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By the time mid-March rolled around, restrictions were in place and we were all advised to stay home. For the second time, they had to cancel their wedding. We have a hard time when we have to cancel our Netflix and wine plans, so we can only imagine what they were feeling at that point.

The morning of what would have been their wedding, the couple had an idea. They invited two friends (well under the self-isolation recommendation of 10 people per room), decorated their home with what the had and held a quiet, intimate wedding in their living room.

How’s that for an isolation pick-me-up? If Scott and Judy can get through two wedding cancellations, and having to get married in quarantine, we can get through watching several hours of TV in our sweatpants. Congrats, you crazy kids. We sincerely wish you two the best!