Canada’s largest solar panel system for weed was just unveiled in Alberta

Via Freedom Cannabis / FacebookVia Genevieve Tardif / CBC

Alberta is good for a lot of things, but no one was really expecting us to take so well to this whole ‘weed’ thing. In the year since legalization, Alberta has become the weed capital of Canada. Not to toot our own horn, but we’ve set and continued to push industry standards.

Freedom Cannabis, a Prairie-based company, just unveiled what they claim to be the largest solar panel system in the pot biz, and wow, is it ever impressive.

The rooftop of Freedom now includes 4,574 separate panels which fire off over 1.8-megawatts of power. Supplied by Enmax, another Alberta company, this system will offset more than 1,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases yearly. That’s next level.

freedom cannabis solar panels

The company wanted to “mimic Mother Nature.” which sounds exactly like something someone in the weed industry would say. The panels will supply nearly 8% of the building’s annual consumption, powering things like air handling units, lighting systems, and nutrient delivery systems.

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Freedom says that this will spare them $200,000 to $300,000 every year, which is around 10% of their operating costs. But of course, you have to spend money to save money. The entire system solar panel cost Freedom Cannabis $2.6 million to build. A million of which came from the Energy Efficiency provincial rebate.


The company has other initiatives underway as well! They’re hoping to continue to reduce their footprint by offering 100% recyclable packaging and will remediate their water.

Freedom Cannabis products will be available for purchase in December. There’s no doubt it will be some of the ‘greenest’ green on the market.

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