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A look inside Calgary’s newest and coziest cannabis shop

Photo via Jeff NobleCuriocity Group Inc.

The Inglewood weed scene just got a major upgrade! Hail Mary [Jane]! We told you about this wicked spot before, but now it’s time for the virtual tour. Yes, we’re talking about Aylmer Nelson Cannabis, Calgary– who else?!

inglewood weed

Calgarian crew Mack Andrews and Jeff Noble put this gorgeous shop together. Saying ‘see ya never’ to the corporate life, these guys took on a whole different industry with all they had. For the past two years, they’ve been grinding through the challenge of bringing their vision to life. And now it’s finally here!

inglewood weed

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inglewood weed

You can find this cute lil spot on 9th Ave and 12th St SE. Like the mural? You should, ’cause local artist Cassie Suche totally crushed it with this one. We can sense photo ops in our future…

inglewood weed

Anyway, on to the actual space. It’s been beautifully and thoughtfully decorated by local designer Kat Ramsvik! We’re pretty obsessed with this inviting, eclectic vibe… so yeah, consider our photo op officially expanded to outside and inside the shop.

inglewood weed

But looks aren’t everything! ANC also has a deeper purpose. They’re here to supply people with products that deepen the connections they have, too.

inglewood weed

Whether it be connecting people further to their passions or helping them discover new and exciting interests, Aylmer Nelson makes a stand for giving talented people a platform to do their thing!

You should definitely go check it out Calgary. We’re pretty sure you’ll leave a whole lot happier (and maybe higher, too!). Inglewood weed, here we come!

Aylmer Nelson

Where: 1309 9 Ave SE
When: 10 am–10 pm Wednesday–Friday; 10 am–8 pm Saturday–Tuesday

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