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A first look inside the brand new Barry’s Bootcamp in Calgary

Via Barry's Bootcamp / facebookVia Barry's Bootcamp

Hey fit fam, we have good news! Barry’s Bootcamp Calgary is now open for business. The sweaty push-yourself-to-the-limit fitness studio, notorious for their high-intensity workouts, could be exactly what you need to kick off your New Years’ resolution.

Dubbed the “best workout in the world,” Barry’s Bootcamp is an hour-long cardio and strength interval training class. It’s been incredibly successful since opening in L.A way back in 1998.

Barry’s has opened over 60 studios worldwide, including locations in Toronto, Paris, Singapore and now YYC! Aren’t we lucky? Each class costs around $30, which might typically land on the pricey end of workouts. But hey, they’ve proven to work and are unlike anything else in the city, so we’ll let the results speak for themselves.

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Barry's Bootcamp

Their “red room” concept has a loyal following, and features top-of-the-line, low-impact treadmills and dedicated, motivational trainers. Also, this location is actually the first of its kind, as Barry’s Bootcamp Calgary is co-owned Lululemon and sits in their newest Mission store.

“Barry’s and Lululemon have similar brand values, one being community. The co space celebrates sweating and growing together,”  says Joey Gonzalez, CEO of Barry’s Bootcamp in their press release. “It takes inspiration from finding your strength, working in unity and recognizing we are stronger as one.”

Barry's Bootcamp

Every location also includes a “fuel bar,” a concession concept that crafts drinks and smoothies. Whether you’re jonesing for a vegan-gluten free, protein-packed snack or dreaming of matcha, their massive menu probably has something for you.

We’re more of the Disney+ and pizza crust type, but those #cantstopwontstop extremists looking for something next level will definitely find it here, we promise.

Barry’s Bootcamp

Where: 2306 4th Street SW

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