A Canadian fashion company just dropped a designer dog clothing line

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What’s the hottest fashion trend this holiday season? Well, SSENSE, a Montreal-based fashion company, is banking on its collection of designer dog clothing to be a must-have come 2020. Yes, you read that right. Designer. Dog. Clothing.

With participating brands including but not limited to Versace, Ashley Williams London, Heron Preston, 032C, and Moncler, it’s obvious that SSENSE isn’t just dipping their toes in the dog-fashion market.

Honestly, we aren’t surprised. Actually, this is a long-awaited step in the world of fashion. Plus, we think it represents a shift in our definition of what fashion is, and who it belongs to. Yeah, we’re going there, bear with us.

First, the practical side of all this. Chances are high that you know someone who has bought their dog clothing or spent a little extra on a cool collar. Well, now they get to show support for their favourite brands at the same time. Plus, unlike their kids, their dogs aren’t about to outgrow a sweater or something.


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Now, toss a little high-fashion in there and all of a sudden things get out of control. Who in their right mind would drop $800 on a cashmere sweater? Or close to a thousand on a Versace leash and collar? The list of crazy options goes on and on.

Our answer? We think this is yet another step in an age where pets are increasingly central aspects of our lives. Fur-babies aren’t necessarily replacing real babies, but they’re certainly rising in popularity. If you place your pet on the same level as a blood relative, what’s to stop you from treating them lavishly?

Now, if dropping this sort of coin on your pets seems a little outrageous, remember you can shop local around Calgary and still get your furry buddies fit right for the holidays. Check out places like Doggywood, Pisces Pet Emporium, Dexter’s, and other Calgary shops to support local business.

Soon enough, you’ll be seeing dogs dressed better than you on the street. But, thanks to us, you can nod knowingly instead of having your jaw drop (also a completely reasonable response).