A Calgary version of Monopoly hits stores this month

Via outset media

The season of giving is here! This year, give the gift of an explosive family argument over trading the Saddledome property rights. Calgary-Opoly, a YYC version of Monopoly, will hit shelves just in time for the holidays.

Walmart, of all places, requested BC-based Outset Media to create a Calgary edition of the game. This was after Outset’s Halifax and Moncton versions saw some solid success. Thanks, Walmart!

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Outset originally purchased perpetual rights to the “Opoly” name from Parker Brothers (now Hasbro) when they partnered with US company Late for Sky to create an all-Canadian version of the game. If you’ve got it, use it, right?

Luckily, the general rules for the game will remain intact. The goal of the game is still to buy, sell and rent properties, but due to the few limitations under the “Opoly” name, instead of ‘going to jail,’ players will get caught in a traffic jam, and instead of railroads, players can purchase 8th Avenue, Memorial Drive, Centre Street, and Macleod Trail.

Calgary Monopoly will be available at most YYC Walmarts for $29.93 this December. Don’t get us wrong, this is still pretty cool but can we request a game with a definitive end for next time? Calgary Clue?

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