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A brand new bicycle pump track to open in South Glenmore Park next week!

Via South Glenmore Bicycle Pump Track

If we had to sum up COVID-season with one activity, it would be a draw between handwashing and bike riding. Hopping on a two-wheeler is safe, it’s easy, and its fun. Practically everyone is doing it, which is why there was no better time than now for South Glenmore to announce that their new bicycle pump track will officially open to the public next week!

The bike path, which was designed by the masters at Velosultions, was a huge collaboration between sports enthusiasts and officials at the Parks Foundation and the city. As well as the Calgary Foundation, Mountain Equipment Co-Op AND the Calgary Mountian bike alliance.

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Now, before you head over there, this is definitely not the place to hit up if you’re hoping to take a smooth, one-handed leisurely pedal. Oh no. The progressive asphalt roundabout requires a pumping motion to get up and over the micro hills which helps the rider test their balance and even confidence. Sounds… hard.

Luckily for people like us, who are the front-basket bike type, there are also a ton of places to take a seat, take a breather or take lunch – it is South Glenmore Park after all.

Maybe we’ll see you out there, Calgary!


When: Saturday, August 15th