8 of the best places for a magical winter walk in Calgary

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Best places for a magical winter walk in Calgary

It’s been a long few months. With such unpredictable weather, a lot of us have decided it’s safer to stay indoors. Shoutout to Netflix and Skip the Dishes for getting us through it all! Now that the air has gone from freezing to brisk, you might be ready for a deep breath of it. This is the perfect time to get out and enjoy yourself a good snowy stroll! Here are a few of the best places for a winter walk in Calgary.

Nose Hill Park

The view from Nose Hill is out of this world. See downtown Calgary, the mountains, and the Bow River valley all from this northwest spot. This park is full of paths, and an off-leash dog area is ideal for the pup. There’s a pretty good chance that you’ll see a lot more four-legged critters than just man’s best friend, too!

Where: 5620 14 St. NW, Calgary

Bowmont Park

Bowmont is full of fun in-city surprises. Between the trees of this park, you’ll find magical snowy fields and waterfalls. Above all, there are huge off-leash areas where you can dog watch. This is like, half the reason you’ll find us outside ever.

Where: 85 St. NW, Calgary

Confederation Park

Confederation Park is definitely a Calgary favourite no matter the season. Not only is it a picnic hub great for evening bike rides in the summer, but it’s also got some of the best tobogganing hills and makes for a solid day of cross country skiing in the winter. We dig versatility.

Where: 905 30 Ave. NW, Calgary

Griffith Woods

Want to feel like you’re deep in nature without having to drive an hour? Griffith Woods features a whole map of walking trails that wind through the forest surrounding the Elbow River near the community of Discovery Ridge. It’s quiet and peaceful, and you’ll probably catch sight of some animals on your adventure.

Where: Entrances along Discovery Ridge Blvd SW, Calgary

Fish Creek Park

Fish Creek has 11 hiking, running, walking and snowshoeing trails. It’s huge. In fact its actually the second largest urban park in Canada. The more you know!

Where: SE/SW Calgary

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Edworthy Park


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Edworthy is one of Calgary’s more magical parks. Follow the Douglas Fir Trail for Terabithia-like views, or check out the Lawrey Gardens and let the pooch run free around of their 150 off-leash areas. Wowza.

Where: 5050 Spruce Dr. SW, Calgary

West Bragg Creek

This one is a bit outside the city limits, but the drive is, without a doubt, 100% worth it. Take a stroll, or challenge yourself on the steeper pathways. We would definitely recommend wearing hiking boots for this one, guys.

Where: 5050 Spruce Dr. SW, Calgary

Prince’s Island Park

This comes as no surprise, we’re sure. Stroll around Prince’s Island on any given weekend and you’ll be surrounded by people running, walking dogs, playing frisbee, and fleeing from angry geese. It’s an all-weather dose of nature right beside downtown.

Where: 698 Eau Claire Ave SW, Calgary

There you have it! The best places for a winter walk in and around Calgary. We couldn’t help ourselves, we have the most beautiful backyard in Canada!