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Guide: 7 workouts in Calgary that you’ll actually enjoy

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Happy January! It’s week two of resolution season, and let’s be real, it’s been the pits. Old habits die hard, and so do your calves after leg day. Unfortunately, working out is a necessary evil, so we’ve done our best to compile a list of Calgary workouts, classes, and activities that get the job done without sucking.

Here are 7 Calgary workouts that you’ll actually want to go back to!


calgary workouts that dont suck

This place will ignite your inner child. Get in your cardio by challenging a stranger to a bum war on one of the Flying Squirrel’s trampolines, or test your strength and speed on one of their many obstacle courses. By the time you notice you’ve been breaking a sweat, you’ll be putting your shoes on to leave!

Where: See nearest location here
Cost: $20+


calgary workouts that dont suck

Have you ever watched one of the American Ninja Warriors complete a level 10000 obstacle course effortlessly and think, “I could totally do that”? Prove it. Put your money where your mouth is on the adult playground inspired by the show!

Where: 201-52 Aero Drive NE, Calgary
Cost: $19.95 +


aerial yoga

We can’t be the only ones who once dreamt of running away with a ringmaster and some elephants. This one-of-a-kind workout is all about patience, strength and grace. Live your Cirque Du Soleil fantasy with Aerial Yoga!

Where: #246, 5126-126 Avenue SE, Calgary
Cost: $59+ (for 3 week pass)

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calgary workouts that dont suck

If you already know, you already know. Rock climbing is the silent killer. It’s all Peter Parker and inhuman strength until you wake up the next day, because you’ll be using muscles you forgot you even had.

Where: See nearest location here
Cost: $12+


Barry's Bootcamp

If “meet me in the red room” conjures images of 50 Shades, you need to get off the couch and get into Barry’s red room. This 50% treadmill, 50% strength training (or 100% strength if you hate running) extravaganza is one of the highest intensity workouts you’ll ever have. It’s a love/hate relationship with Barry.

Where: 2306 4 St SW, Calgary
Cost: $30 +


calgary workouts that dont suck

Alright, before casting any judgement, hear us out. In recent years, pole dancing has been recognized as an extreme workout. It’s a ton of fun for anyone, anywhere, with or without heels and tassels. You’ll realize it takes a lot of strength to look that good.

Where: 2629 – 17 Ave SW Calgary
Cost: $65 + for a two week membership


dance fitness

Pop, lock and shimmy your way to a healthier 2020 with adult drop in dance classes! No expierience, no problem. The fitness dance classes at Free Spirit Dance are just meant to make you sweat and have some fun! There is no pressure, no performances and no need to worry!

Where: 112 16 Avenue NW, Calgary
Cost: $19+

There you have it, Calgary! 7 workouts and physical activities that don’t suck. Hopefully, that gave you the motivation to get out there and break a sweat. Good luck, friends!

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