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You can now get a Cocktail in a Box from Calgary’s Vine Arts

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Help Calgary businesses by ordering Vine Arts Cocktail in a Box

Doing something that you love and are good at while bettering humanity. That’s the dream, isn’t it? That’s why we’re basically on cloud nine with the announcement of Vine Arts Wine and Spirits ‘Cocktail in a Box,’ in collaboration with Sugar Water Bar in Calgary!

We’ve got a knack for sippin’! By purchasing this Calgary company’s cocktail in a box, not only are you getting an hour or two of fun and some mad skills, but you’re also helping support a total of 7 YYC-based small businesses, all of which have been affected by the COVID outbreak.

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Each kit is delivered free of human contact (better safe than sorry, right?) and comes with everything you’ll need to make their choice cocktail, 6 feet apart. How appropriately named.

The drink is described on their Instagram as “A refreshing combination of gin, a locally made Pea Flower syrup and sparkling rosé with a twist of lemon,” which sounds delish, so we can’t wait to check it out! It sure beats the week-old bottle of wine we’ve been drinking from…

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