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You can get HUGE $5 burritos at 5 Calgary-area spots this Thursday

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The only thing that we love more than a good burrito… is a good burrito for less! This Thursday as part of their ’31 Days of Gracias’ event, all Calgary BarBurrito locations will be selling their half-pound tortilla rockets for only $5!

The company started its discount food tour across Canada earlier this month, with the exclusive deal jumping from one region to the next. This whole thing was actually done in the hopes of showing the community that they appreciate their support through the COVID-19 pandemic, and we think they’ve succeeded! We feel mighty thanked. 

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Luckily, for those of you who can’t stand promo emails or wasting paper, this event is a no-coupon necessary deal! This means that you’ll have to do on August 27th, is pop into either the Crowfoot, East Hills,  Sunridge, Creekside or the Airdrie BB, and order!

Of course, for the fancier fillings, like steak, or specialty burritos like the ‘California’ you’ll have to pay extra, but it’s not like it’ll set you back. These folks are still only charging a $1 for ‘upgrades.’ Not too shabby, hey? 

So what’ll it be, Calgary! You have a couple of days to figure it out. Don’t miss this one, folks! Food always tastes better when it costs less than a specialty coffee, does it not?!



When: Thursday, August 25th
Where: See locations here