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You can get FREE Slurpees across Canada TODAY

Photo via @gavin.crews Instagram

It’s gonna be a hot summer, Canada, and we think you deserve a sweet treat to beat the heat. That’s right, you can get free Slurpees at 7-Eleven today. The beloved chain has announced that they are just giving ’em away for their 50th birthday.

They will be dishing them out in commemorative 12-ounce cups across Canada.

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Come on. You know that a Slurpee would be the perfect afternoon treat today. Maybe a little Coca-Cola, maybe a little lime, and you’re cruising.

Of course, that’s just our personal preference. If you want to mix every darn flavour you can be our guests, even banana (blegh). It’s your free Slurpee, you can do whatever you want.

Listen, we know that disliking banana is a pretty tough road to walk. Feel free to roast us in the group chat, we stand by it.

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