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Waffle cones at the ready! Village Ice Cream getting fourth Calgary spot

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We scream you scream, because Village Ice Cream is getting a fourth location in Bridgeland! Are you ready? We don’t think you’re ready, but that might just be us projecting because we’re not ready. Our bodies are, our souls can’t believe it’s true.

The new Village Ice Cream will be joining UNA, The Commons Calgary, and Phil and Sebastian in the new General Block building right across the street from Murdoch Park.

The two-storey retail space will be a hustlin’ bustlin’ party on the first floor and all business on the second floor, with 3 well-known businesses occupying the retail spaces and the boutique meeting space just above.

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This location will have tons of parking space, city skyline views, and be just close enough to downtown’s people-friendly atmosphere, so it’s practically perfect.

We’re calling it now, this is going to be a Calgary summer hot spot. Quote us on this!

An exact date hasn’t been announced quite yet, but expect it sometime late 2020! What a time to be alive.


When: TBA
Where: 65, 69 – 7A Street NE, Calgary

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