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Tim Hortons is officially launching Timbits cereal across Canada

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Poutine, Beavertails, maple syrup…Timbits cereal? It looks like a new ultra-Canadian snack is going to be hitting shelves in 2020, as Tim Hortons has announced a partnership with Post to launch official Timbits cereal.

Now, back in October, Canadians briefly lost their minds at the possibility of a Timbits-flavoured cereal when some leaked photos ended up on Instagram. Although it wasn’t confirmed at the time, we now know that Timbits are officially going to be available in early 2020.

timbits cereal canada

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According to a press release, both cereals will be hitting major grocery stores from coast to coast. Obviously, just about everyone in Canada is going to want to at least give this a taste, so that’s a smart move on Tim Horton’s part. Despite what the reception is, it’s hard to argue that this is in the running for most Canadian breakfast ever.

The flavours will be Chocolate Glazed and Birthday Cake, which are pretty safe options coming out of the gate. After all, those are two of Canada’s top-selling Timbits flavours. Well, 2020 is looking extra tasty already!

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