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This YYC bakery will deliver the craziest sweet treats to your door for free

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Got a weekend sweet tooth? BFF Cookies Calgary might be just the thing to tie you over… and give you several cavities and a ‘worth it’ stomach ache. We’re talking life-changing baked goods here, folks. It’s about to get real.

This extravagant AF company makes chocolate chip, monster, red velvet, and loads of other cookies that are the size of your head. And we mean that quite literally if you have a smaller than average-sized noggin.

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From Oreo’s and cream to peanut butter and chocolate, s’ more and M&M’s, BFF Cookies really does the absolute most for their customers.

Order just one (not that we can imagine you’ll want to do that with so many to choose from) or in packages of 4,6, 8, or 10. These folks will not only satisfy a wicked craving, they’ll actually deliver right to your door FOR FREE.

With service like that, you really have no excuse not to check it out, so you should do exactly that! You will not regret it… until about an hour later when you’re unable to kick the sugar high.


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