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This proudly Albertan company just launched the perfect quarantine snack

Via Thrive Provisions

thrive provisions

Does quarantine have you snacking uncontrollably? Have typical meal times blended into a non-stop food parade that you can’t seem to escape? Do you need something high-quality, healthy, and tasty to curb those daytime fridge trips? Yeah, us too. Let’s meat the new bar in town. The super unique bars from the proudly Albertan Thrive Provisions.

With four generations of farming expertise, the creators behind Thrive Provisions have been maintaining excellence since 1940. Their decades of experience have led them to become pioneers in creating the cleanest artisanal snack bars around.


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Thrive Provisions are snack bars made with Alberta’s best Wagyu beef. Yes, beef! It just so happens that the family behind Thrive Provisions were also the pioneers of Wagyu beef in Canada. In the late ’80s, the Ball family went against everything they’d learned in western cow breeding, and bam! We’ve got Wagyu beef in Canada, baby. Seriously though, if you’ve ever eaten the sweet nectar of Wagyu, you should be personally thanking Jeff Ball yourself.

These delicious bars come in two different flavors, Maple Apple & Blueberry, and Honey Lime & Black Pepper. Now, here is the extra impressive part: these bars have no additives, are keto & gluten-friendly, and 100% free of soy, dairy, nuts, GMOs, grains, or anything artificial.

Talk about a natural snack bar! The Ball family is hoping to shift eating habits with these bars in order to help people make better food choices and live better lives. Well, we can certainly get behind that!

thrive provisions

The best-in-class practices used to make these bars, along with the outrageously-clean ingredients make these the perfect snack addition for quarantine and beyond.

Sure, we might be holed up inside for the next little while, but why not spend this time eating great, feeling great, and supporting a fantastic Alberta business?

The Thrive Provision bars come in packs of 12 for $59 and you can get yours right here. Soon, you’ll be able to stock up on your supply at retail locations in the city!

Happy snackin’, folks!

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