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This new breakfast and cocktail bar serves dishes fit for a queen

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We think you deserve to dine like royalty, among royalty. This Calgary resto thinks so too! Queens Breakfast and Cocktails is a spectacular new spot with food we’re sure even Will and Kate would approve of.

Queens might be new to the brekkie scene, but its owners certainly aren’t! This is actually their second restaurant in Calgary. If you’ve heard of Vero Bistro, chances are you also love Vero Bistro. If you haven’t, you’re not doing yourself any favours and should check out this sister spot lickity-split.

Queens breakfast and cocktails

This superfood cocktail joint is inspired by European cuisine, which co-owner and chef Jenny Tran picked up while travelling. Queens gave her the creative outlet that Vero couldn’t. With this new restaurant, the team is able to experiment with flavours and styles of cooking. We were always told not to play with our food, but it looks like someone didn’t get the memo and honestly, thank goodness.

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A lot of what is on the menu is traditional but with a twist. Their eggs bennie is served on a croissant and topped with chorizo or bruschetta and their omelette is served with a black truffle salsa.

No that wasn’t an earthquake you just felt, it was actually our stomach. We could go for breakfast poutine right about now.

In our opinion, the best part isn’t in the detailed decor or even the food. It’s actually at the bottom of a glass, which perhaps means we have a problem?

Queens also has a selection of boozy breakfast add-ons. Their food menu is egg-cellent, but their cocktail list is no yolk (sorry, we had to), including dynamo items like the beermosa and their popular negroni.

Check us at this place every Sunday. We’ll be the one in the corner looking like Kween Kris Jenner on vacay with a mimosa in one hand and a crown on our noggin.


Where: 3927 Edmonton Trail NE, Calgary

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