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The season’s premiere mountain-inspired food event returns

Via Island Lake Lodge

One of the most gorgeous resorts in the Rockies is once again stepping up to the food-event plate and delivering in a big way. For the third year in a row, Untamed Kootenays will be held at Fernie’s Island Lake Lodge.  If you’re a fan of great food, beautiful destinations, and experiences that will last a lifetime, then this is the escape for you!

The Event

The food event itself will feature a unique forest-to-table experience you can’t find anywhere else. On Saturday, June 8th, guests will be treated to an incredible chef showcase led by Island Lake Lodge’s Chef Keith Farkas. You’ll be dining on plates that find inspiration and ingredients from the surrounding Elk Valley. Delicious and local, what could be better?

island lake lodge

Interested? Good, because that’s just the beginning. Italian Chef Andrea Campi will be teaming up with Chef Farkas to blow your food-loving mind. While running his acclaimed restaurant Osteria al Dossoin in the Italian Alps, Chef Campi has become one of the most exciting and innovative Chefs around.

Have you ever thought of eating gourmet food on the side of a mountain out of a snowcat? Nope, us neither. No worries, though, because Chef Campi already made that happen. We’re pretty certain he’ll be delivering an extra level of excitement and intrigue to the weekend event. Our palates are ready!

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island lake lodge

On top of all that, Fernie Brewing Co. and BC Wine Studio will be offering up exclusive samples to the guests. Sip ‘em on the patio for the ultimate kick-back, or save your relaxation for the spa. It’s like the choose-your-own-adventure weekend possible.

There are only 60 seats available for dinner, so book your Untamed Kootenays experience ASAP. Interested in a little more than just dinner? Glad to hear it! Go ahead and grab their 2-day, 2-night package! After all, can you really get the feel for what Island Lake Lodge has to offer if you don’t even stay a night? We didn’t think so.

The Location

island lake lodge

From hiking to biking, to exploring the nearby lakes and rivers, to foraging through the forest for ingredients, there is something for everyone at Island Lake Lodge. Yes, we said foraging through the forest for ingredients. That’s legitimately one of the little adventures offered this weekend during Untamed Kootenays. Talk about fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Okay, back to the Lodge now!

island lake lodge

Along with hosting such unreal food events, Island Lake Lodge is one of Western Canada’s premier year-round destinations. It’s known globally as a mecca for skiers and winter mountaineers. Surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural landscapes you could imagine, Island Lake is a stunner.

We hope your interest is seriously piqued. Actually, we hope you’re interested enough that you book your stay or table at Untamed. We’ll see you there!

Untamed Kootenays at Island Lake Lodge

When: Saturday, June 8
Where: Island Lake Lodge, Fernie, British Columbia
Cost: Dinner Only: $152 per person; 2-night package starts at $875 (double occupancy room)