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The CRAZIEST food coming to the Calgary Stampede

Via Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is no stranger to hosting a series of crazy foods, but it’s always a bit of a surprise to see what’s coming next. This year’s Stampede menu is no exception, with a serious list of brand new foods arriving at the Midway. Some look scary, some look delicious, and pretty much all of them look, at the very least, interesting.

Sweet and savoury will be found in fine harmony across the Midway this year, with a few trends popping up that we hadn’t expected. Apparently, pickles are big right now. Like, very big.

Here are our picks for the craziest foods at the Calgary Stampede, along with the rest of ’em to check out. Get your appetites ready, it’s going to be a weird, wild ride.

Dill Pickle Pop

calgary stampede food

Ugh, this isn’t even that bad compared to the others that are coming up- but holy smokes, people! We love dill pickles, and we HATE this.

Flamin’ Frog Legs

calgary stampede food

Oh, hell no. Marinated frog legs surrounded by Flamin’ Hot Cheetos?? Actually thinking about it makes us curious, but still frightened.

Butter Beer Ice Cream

Crazy? Not necessarily. But crazy exciting? Absolutely. Stampede isn’t typically where we go for the sweet instead of savoury, but we’ll certainly make an exception for a taste of this.

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Monster Bug Bowl

calgary stampede food

Your third-grade self would be low-key stoked that this absolute travesty of a dish is being served. If you see someone diving into this you should probably just call it a day and leave the grounds. Insanity served ice cold.

Octo Leg

calgary stampede food

Actually kinda interested in this one. We love seafood, we really love calamari, so maybe we’ll love this one? Only one way to find out! (By force-feeding it to a friend and judging the reaction).

Octo Lolly

We are a lot less interested in this one. Like c’mon, what are we supposed to do with this? We guess the intent is to kinda suck on it like a savoury, seafood lollipop, and that damn-near makes us want to drive this thing to the coast and Yeet it back into the depths of the ocean. *Note: After a few Stampede boot chugs we’ll probably have a few of these no problem.

Pickle Ice Cream

Calgary Stampede Food

If a pickle popsicle isn’t weird enough for you, then you can grab some ice cream. If that doesn’t sate your bizarre appetite, then dive into some cotton candy that is, of course, pickle-flavoured.

Tokyo Street Dog

calgary stampede food

There’s actually nothing too crazy about this, beyond the fact that it looks really weird and is a unique addition to the Midway. Good news: this is probably absolutely delicious.

That’s just a tiny little looksie at what the 2019 Calgary Stampede food has to offer, but it certainly is some of the craziest items! For the full list, you can check out the Stampede list right here.

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