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Starbucks is giving away FREE reusable holiday cups tomorrow!

Via PopSugar

Ready for a rush that’ll rival Boxing Day? Starbucks is giving away free reusable holiday red cups tomorrow. Not only will you get a sick cup, but you get discounts on every beverage you use the cup for through January. Holy smokes, Christmas came early!

The deal is super simple: Show up to a local Starbucks tomorrow (November 7th), and order a holiday beverage of any size. We’ll take a skinny peppermint mocha, thanks so much. You’ll get your free reusable cup, which you can then use for every Starbs trip of the holidays.

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You actually should keep using it, because it’s better for the planet. Additionally, you’ll get 50 cents off a grande every time you bring it in. Win-win!

The cups are only up for grabs while supplies last, and we’re hoping they’re stocked enough to make it through the day. Get your grande peppermint latte frappe extra shot pump of whatever in early though, because they’ll almost certainly run out. Happy Holidays, go get caffeinated!

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