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Skip the Dishes releases ‘Calgary’s most ordered items’ list for 2019

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Skip The Dishes just released its most ordered items in Calgary this year, and the top result could fill every seat in Saddledome three times over. According to the food-delivery heavyweight, the top items were burgers and butter chicken. There was one item, however, that came out on top.

Today we learnt that if you throw pigtails on some ‘fresh never frozen’ beef, you’ve got yourself a successful business plan. Wendy’s came in first with over 65,000 orders for their Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger alone. Wow Calgary, really?

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As far as local options go, most of the orders placed in Calgary were for authentic Asian take-out resto Tuk Tuk Thai. Somewhere between 20 and 30 percent of the restaurant’s total orders came through apps like Skip. Now, because of their sudden popularity, they’re planning to open three more locations in the city. Well done, Tuk Tuk.

Skip The Dishes also released statistics per account. Although we’d prefer to live in ignorance. Canada’s most active Skip The Dishes account ordered 764 times total… Which makes us less concerned for the single Calgarian with 515 deliveries. Sort of. Regardless, they both seem less concerning than the person who watched Bee Movie on Netflix 357 times in one year.

Huh, well, at least now we can rest easy knowing there are people out there more reliant on the app than we are… You know, unless you’re the one who ordered 764 times.