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The legendary Schanks Sports Bars in Calgary have closed down for good

Via Shanks Sports Grill / FacebookVia Shanks Sports Grill / Facebook

What would have been a chaotic fever dream of prairie fire shots, mini-golf, table tennis, trivia and UFC to visitors and homebodies, was just another weeknight at Schanks for regulars. If you’ve never been to the sports mecca, we feel for you. The place was practically a playground of adults, which is why today is such a sad day. Schanks Sports Bar in Calgary has reportedly shut down both locations for good following a 3-month long COVID closure.

Schanks had two locations, one on MacLeod, and another in Crowfoot, both just as loud, sports-centric, and beloved as the other.

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The bar opened back in 1994 and quickly became a hotspot for hockey buffs, Olympic fanatics, and golf jockeys. It was even a nine-season residence for The Fan 960’s broadcast team.

Through Stanley Cup finals, Masters tourneys, UFC Fights, and Superbowls, Schanks in Calgary provided sports lovers with a reliable place to down celebratory beers, and chicken wings of defeat, but all good things must come to an end.

We will miss you, Shanks! Thanks for one hell of a good time.

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