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Kinjo on Macleod is serving up $1.50 sushi this week

Via Youjeen Cho

Kinjo on Macleod is practically giving away sushi this week

Stretch those chopsticking wrists, Calgary. We love a good birthday celebration and in recognition of Kinjo on Macleod turning the big one-five, they’re practically giving away sushi this week!

Until Saturday, February 29th, sushi lovers can go to town on $1.50 sushi. At that price, you could eat your way through the entire menu and honestly, we’re not sure if we’re excited or concerned, because we know some of you will actually try.

Which is why it should be noted that this deal does not apply to everything! You’ll be limited to red plate items, but that still leaves you with plenty options.

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Bring your A-game, folks. We live by the “if it’s from the sea, it’s not in me” rule, so we usually hang back when it comes to sushi, but this week you might catch us over a bowl of tempura just watching people charge endless snapper.

Dinner and a show, as they say! We’ll be rooting for you.


Where: 7101 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary

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